IT IS COMPLICATED. (monologue.)

It all began with a hello on the street

Oh! okay y’all were friends before we met, I get.

But the smiles and the glances exchanged were ‘too friendly’ I suppose

Then y’all exchanged contacts, I should be cool with that too?

“Don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s not like I will text her,” he said to me.

In my head, my thoughts drown me as I try hold onto its onshore.

Days later, your phone keeps buzzing on the table while you are in the washroom

I find it quite annoying cause I am trying to concentrate on my movie ‘ Ride Along 2’

I decide to turn it to silent mode and as I switch on your screen I see a familiar face

Why are you so familiar?

I open your conversation and…ooh wait! isn’t she the 🤬 we met two days ago?!

I scroll through the conversations and I realize this has been going on for a while.

I hear the toilet flush and I dash off to play my movie.

Acting like I haven’t seen anything, because I’d rather fake a smile than start an argument.

As I try to catch some sleep that night, my brain decides to battle out what I had just read in his phone.  

Your life is great, your are not single, he makes you laugh, so why complicate that because of a bunch of flirts? You’ve had this argument before, he says he never means what he writes so why complicate things? – My one half of the brain goes 👼

If he really loves you he wouldn’t be texting those other females, let alone flirting. Gurl…! he doesn’t respect you. He keeps doing this cause he knows you ain’t going anywhere – My other half goes 👿

So where should I draw my line and say enough is enough.

Is flirting cheating?

Or am I simply being too jealous.



Well I really do wish my brain could help me figure it out, because what was once my blissful haven is now being filled with episodes of forlorn.



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